Safety covers by Aquamatic. Automated hydraulic vinyl safety covers.

Hydralux cover by Aquamatic

  • Slat covers that allow for design flexibility
  • Solar slats for economic heating of pool water.

In-floor cleaning by Paramount PV3.

  • circulates 100% of pool water every hour keeping debris in motion till absorbed by skimmers and drain requiring Little or no vacuuming.
  • Introduces heated chemically treated water in the floor of the pool
  • Efficient heating and treatment of pool water.

Salt water chemistry by Hayward Industries

  • Low cost operation
  • Easier on skin and eyes as well as bathing attire.
  • Sense and Dispense technology provides automatic chlorine generation from salt cell to set levels as well as PH control by either CO2 injection or solution tank.

Pebble interior finishes by Wet Edge Technologies are more durable and stain resistant than conventional plaster.

Logic controlled integrated systems use a single filter, pump and heater for both pool and spa, lighting and auxiliary function.

LED lighting with up to 17 colors with various light show options.

Geo Thermal and heat pump technology

  • This offers dehumidification and heating of indoor pools.

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